Rosy Lingerie- We Take A Peek

September 8th, 2014

Rosy is a French lingerie brand that is rich in history- we take a peek at what makes them tick, and why they have been so popular for so long.
The brand was launched after the war in  1947, and has worked hard to accentuate the female body with quality products and attention to detail. This is a lingerie shop that oozes natural charm, and has successfully reinvented itself for the 21st Century.
If you are looking for beautiful fabrics that stand out from the crowd, Rosy is always worth a look.

The History of Rosy
In 1947 Rosy was born, and in 1962, Jean Loup Sieff creates quite a stir with a photograph of a naked woman holding a rose for a Rosy poster campaign.
In the millenium, the brand marked it’s transformation into a modern luxury lingerie house with the launch of  Vintage Rosy, Rosy Rosy Precious and Discrete lines.

Behind the scenes.
Each product is designed and developed by passionate lingerie experts. They are famous for the quality of their fabrics (fine lace, silks, satins and embroideries) and an attention to detail that is seldom matched in the industry.

Autumn/Winter 2014 Range

We just love the L’Amour collection that shines out from the crowd in warm gold satin overlaid in a rich autumnal purple-brown lace- it’s all about opulence! There is a wide range of knickers and bras, including a plunge bra, a hipster brief and a shorty brief. Tremendously luxurious feel.

Agent Provocateur Sales Explode

January 15th, 2014
Agent Provocateur Jet

Agent Provocateur Jet Range. Not Much Left to the Imagination

Knickers and bras are big business- particularly for luxury designer lingerie store: Agent Provocateur: where profits doubled last year off total sales approaching £4,000,000.

The lingerie brand, whose range of sexy smalls has been modeled by Penelope Cruz (and her sister Monica), Kate Moss and UK National Treasure Kylie Minogue, has seen its business surge ahead in 2013.
Big Expansion in Pants
The luxury lingerie brand has opened stores in Milan, Hong Kong, Sydney and Montreal and there are plans to open up in Chengdu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto and Calgary.
Agent Provocateur was started in 1994 by Joseph Corré, Vivienne Westwood’s son, and his ex-wife Serena Rees.
They started trading from a store in Soho, London and have been adept and generating publicity from their raunchy ads and You Tube clips (like the one of Kylie on the Bucking Bronco for example).
Every time the lingerie sets seem to be getting smaller (like the Jet Range featured here, for example!), while the revenue gets larger.

Gisele Models Her New Range of Lingerie

June 20th, 2013
Gisele Bündchen recently launched her range of luxury lingerie- and who modelled it? Well, there was no need to contract it out.
We can’t think of a more striking way for Gisele to show off her new undies than by modelling it herself.

Gisele Looking Fab

The supermodel launched the latest pieces in her Gisele Bündchen Intimates range  at a Sao Paulo shopping centre in Brazil on June 16, showing off printed silk joggers and a sheer vest, over a signature bra- all form her collection.
Gisele models her entire range herself on her Giselle Intimates site, showing the luxury bra and knickers sets, body suits and separates.
Nino Muñoz took the shots of the 2 time mum in April – just 4 months after the birth of her daughter Vivian Lake.

Valentine’s Day Luxury Lingerie. Buying Tips For Men.

February 6th, 2013

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we love choccies and roses, but we also love lingerie! So to help all you guys out (it has to be a little awkward and intimidating for a guy walking into a lingerie shop), here’s a quick quide and some handy tips for buying some sexy knickers for your loved one. We know you like her wearing them, and we also know she loves wearing them, so what are you waiting for?

Something wicked ava half cup bra

Something Wicked Ava Half Cup Bra

Why get Bashful?
If you find the idea of buying lingerie in a shop too daunting, just remember- you don’t have to! One of the reasons online shopping has become so big, is a) it’s got quite efficient and b) it’s perfect for embarrassing situations just like this! But before you wade in, do your research first.

Do your homework
What’s her size? That’s the obvious starting point. Sneak a peek into her lingerie drawer (don’t get caught) and work out what her bra and knickers size is. Most online shops have a size help section as well.

Know your target market
What’s her style? What’s her body type. Good lingerie is sexy and comfortable, so don’t just head to the Brazilian thong section. You’ll get some good ideas from what she has in her knicker drawer already. Note- as example, we have featured a pic of the Something Wicked Ava Half Cup Bra. Now, this would be an adventurous choice! Just so you know….

Lingerie need to be hot AND practical.
It’s no point buying her stuff that she is never going to wear. Make sure the lingerie is made out of comfortable fabric with a bit of lace for that feminine feel. And don’t be cheap!! Cheap = trashy, so dust off your wallet and spend some money!

Avoid flashy or trashy.
Keep it simple, and classic and you won’t go wrong. Trust me, if you buy tarty lingerie, it’ll end up being thrown back in your face. In terms of colour, pastels and creams are a safe bet. Then purples and blacks are a bit more risque. You can get away with red, but only if the lingerie is expensive! Cheap red lingerie looks trashy.

Spend Some Money
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Spend some money! Quality lasts, so if you’re generous, you’ll be seeing this racy underwear for many years to come.

Keep it personal
Be thoughtful. Remember this is a gift for the love of your life

Fancy Wrapping
If lingerie is wrapped beautifully and is in a gorgeous box from well known designer, you can’t go wrong. Leave it by the bed for when she wakes up with a big bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers and a pretty card.

Tell her she looks amazing!
When she tries on her Valentine’s Day gift, tell her she looks amazing!

La Perla Lauches Flagship Store in China

January 22nd, 2013
La Perla has just opened its flagship store in China, (in Beijing to be precise). The next time you are in Beijing, head over to the Parkview Green mall, and look out for the Italian lingerie label’s fourth store. They already have 9 in China and are looking to expand to 30 across the country.
L Perla in ChinaSince heading east in 2007, La Perla has made China one of its big priorities. The bra and knickers market is now worth over US$4 billion, and growth is around 10% a year.

La Perla Year of the Dragon collection
The Italian label is trying hard to get it right for Chinese customers too- last year they created a limited-edition “Dragon” collection to celebrate the Year of The Dragon.
Here’s a clip looking back on their  Sixties Flair Lingerie Collection (Spring Summer 2012), which are particularly fond of!
La Perla has been known for its beautifully crafted lingerie since Ada Masotti launched the label in 1954.
From its origin in Bologna, Italy, the brand continues to offer gorgeous designs featuring skillful craftsmanship and meticulous detailing, on some of the world’s finest fabrics.

Penelope Cruz and Monica Cruz with Agent Provocateur

October 25th, 2012
Penelope Cruz is one of the world’s most stunning actresses, and she knocks everyone’s socks off when she strides down the red carpets in Hollywood and Cannes. Her newest venture is a luxury lingerie collection with London’s Agent Provocateur .

Monica Cruz Brushing The Carpet

The 38-year-old actress has gone into a partnership with the lingerie brand to design a range of luxury knickers and beautiful bras with her sister Monica Cruz, who promoted AP’s  autumn/winter 2012 ad campaign.

The Cruz’s are bubbling over with excitement at the prospect of creating a new lingerine line together, gushing: “It is so exciting for me and Mónica to embark in this new adventure.”
“We have always been huge fans of Agent Provocateur  and both of us are very much looking forward to this long term collaboration. We feel extremely happy to become part of this great team.”

The Equally Stunning Sister

The sisters will be designing a 15 piece range of bras, briefs and corsets, which will hit the shops next summer.
It will be priced more keenly than the current Agent Provocateur  line up, so you can buy more of it!
Penelope Cruz’s husband, Javier Bardem, is the one in the spotlight at the moment, of course, as he promotes the new Bond flick, Skyfall.
But not for long. The new lingerie line will be called L’Agent and they’ll be developing the range with AP’s creative director, Sarah Shotton.

We can’t wait to see the designs!

Bondage Lingerie. We Look at the Best Sets.

September 24th, 2012

Ever one for jumping on the bandwagon (late), following all of the 50 Shades naughty books and their copies (just how much has that woman made out of those books? Good for her), we thought we’d take a quick look at the lingerie trend that just keeps growing and growing. And that’s the bondage lingerie category.

We are not talking the nasty PVC stuff (eewwwwww). We mean the beautifully designed, luxury lingerie sets that just happen to have a few straps here and there to titilate- you know the ones we mean: Knickers with a Nod to Bondage, if you like.

Well, the most famous lingerie designer to come up with these kind of pieces is probably Agent Provocateur, of course. They have consistently set their stall out on the naughtier side of things, so the bondage category fits well within their range.

Alina Range with Ouvert Knickers

Their Alina range hits most of the requirements for us. A little bit saucy without going into the tacky area, and if you are feeling really racy you can always go for the ouvert knickers option!

We also have to mention (thanks to a very knowledgeable lingerie expert on Twitter) Bordelle and Nichole de Carle, London.

Nichole de Carle is an extremely innovative lingerie label where you can make up bespoke sets. And their bondage lingerie is about as racy as it gets.


And if you want your other half to go GaGa, head for Bordelle. We are lost for words on this range. Jaw dropping.

Princess Tam Tam

September 4th, 2012

We are always on the look out for gorgeous lingerie that you can buy online, and one French store that we have fallen in love with recently (both with the designs and the prices) is Princess Tam Tam. The site has a .fr version in French, a .eu version in English and a version for those who want to buy in pounds.

Their Half Cup bras are to die for- such as The Groovy range in unique pink. These knickers and bras are dead comfy to wear, and they’ll also knock the socks off your other half when you give him a teasing glimpse.

groovy blue bra

Princess Tam Tam: Gorgeous

Princesse Tam-Tam, of course, is a 1935 black-and-white film starring Josephine Baker as a Tunisian local girl who is introduced to Parisian high society. Baker sings two songs (“Dream Ship” and “Neath the Tropical Blue Skies”) in the film. So you can see where they get ther inspiration from, and this 30s chic really comes through in their lovely designs.

You can buy directly from their (excellent) website or head to other retailers such as Fox & Rose who sell their much lusted after swimwear collections, such as Jade & Gaia.

Stella McCartney Summer 2012 Lingerie and Swimwear…Gorgeous

May 31st, 2012
Gorgeous. That’s what we think of Stella McCartney’s 2012 lingerie collection. Floral prints, silk, embroideries, luxury, femininity. It’s an absolute winner.
Girls, if you want to spoil yourself with feminine, luxurious knickers, Stella has hit the spot with a superb and absolutely gorgeous range of luxury lingerie.
Stella McCartney lingerie


With a retro nod, the range will get you purring like a Siamese cat in no time. The range includes accessories, lingerie, eyewear, fragrance and skincare.

Stella McCartney is hot on sustainability, and she has worked hard with this range to make sure that they leave as small footprint on the planet as possible.
This undewear is highly desirable, luxurious and beautiful and between 20 and 30 percent of the collection contains some sort of eco element, such as organic fabric or a natural dye. And animal skins or fur of any kind are absent.
The Stella McCartney summer 2012 lingerie collection is modeled by Eastern European beauty Katsia Zingarevich, and sports signature pieces with floral printed silk. And we want some please. Pretty please with sugar on top.

Helena Christensen Models for Triumph Essence Lingerie

August 31st, 2011

If we were looking this hot in our forties, I think we’d be skipping down the road in racy red knickers and a lace corset.

Helena Christensen (born 1968), the Danish fashion model, (former), photographer and self confessed cheese addict, has been showing the world just how good you can look when you are a sixties baby.

helena cristensen

Helena Cristensen

Here, she’s modelling the new Autumn Winter 2011 lingerie range from Triumph (which looks stunning as well, by the way).

The gorgeous model has been working with Triumph to create the all new exquisite collection, Triumph Essence: - the finest designs, the ultimate comfort and the most stunning materials. If your boyfriend bought lingerie for its heart racing qualities AND its comfort, this range would be top of the list.
Dane Helena Christensen has become the brand ambassador and face of the Triumph Essence brand: a strong woman, with creativity, ambition and a deep feminine allure.
She certainly still “has it” in our book. I don’t know whether to smile or weep……


Triumph Essence