Snoa Lingerie Launches Gorgeous Snuggy Nighties, Slips & Pyjamas

November 17th, 2010

This is definitely something we´ll be checking out as the nights draw in. Snoa Lingerie is launching a range of snuggy sleepwear. The range  was designed and made in San Francisco with eco friendly fabrics.

Why is it always a choice between shivering in a slip, or going for toasty “comfy-pants” and ski socks? Snoa Lingerie has come up with a range of soft, luxurious designer fabrics that keep you warm and make you look fantastic. Using a double-fabric design of super soft silk on the inside and a thin wool layer on the outside gives this luxury lingerie range a fantastic feel on the skin.

And all of the products have been designed in the most eco friendly way possible. As well as being lush, the fabrics are friendly to the environment allowing you to get on with your seducing while reducing your carbon footprint. The company also donates a slice of its profits to protecting polar bears.

We think this is a great idea!

Snoa Lingerie

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