Bondage Lingerie. We Look at the Best Sets.

September 24th, 2012

Ever one for jumping on the bandwagon (late), following all of the 50 Shades naughty books and their copies (just how much has that woman made out of those books? Good for her), we thought we’d take a quick look at the lingerie trend that just keeps growing and growing. And that’s the bondage lingerie category.

We are not talking the nasty PVC stuff (eewwwwww). We mean the beautifully designed, luxury lingerie sets that just happen to have a few straps here and there to titilate- you know the ones we mean: Knickers with a Nod to Bondage, if you like.

Well, the most famous lingerie designer to come up with these kind of pieces is probably Agent Provocateur, of course. They have consistently set their stall out on the naughtier side of things, so the bondage category fits well within their range.

Alina Range with Ouvert Knickers

Their Alina range hits most of the requirements for us. A little bit saucy without going into the tacky area, and if you are feeling really racy you can always go for the ouvert knickers option!

We also have to mention (thanks to a very knowledgeable lingerie expert on Twitter) Bordelle and Nichole de Carle, London.

Nichole de Carle is an extremely innovative lingerie label where you can make up bespoke sets. And their bondage lingerie is about as racy as it gets.


And if you want your other half to go GaGa, head for Bordelle. We are lost for words on this range. Jaw dropping.

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