Valentine’s Day Luxury Lingerie. Buying Tips For Men.

February 6th, 2013

Well, it’s almost that time of year again. Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we love choccies and roses, but we also love lingerie! So to help all you guys out (it has to be a little awkward and intimidating for a guy walking into a lingerie shop), here’s a quick quide and some handy tips for buying some sexy knickers for your loved one. We know you like her wearing them, and we also know she loves wearing them, so what are you waiting for?

Something wicked ava half cup bra

Something Wicked Ava Half Cup Bra

Why get Bashful?
If you find the idea of buying lingerie in a shop too daunting, just remember- you don’t have to! One of the reasons online shopping has become so big, is a) it’s got quite efficient and b) it’s perfect for embarrassing situations just like this! But before you wade in, do your research first.

Do your homework
What’s her size? That’s the obvious starting point. Sneak a peek into her lingerie drawer (don’t get caught) and work out what her bra and knickers size is. Most online shops have a size help section as well.

Know your target market
What’s her style? What’s her body type. Good lingerie is sexy and comfortable, so don’t just head to the Brazilian thong section. You’ll get some good ideas from what she has in her knicker drawer already. Note- as example, we have featured a pic of the Something Wicked Ava Half Cup Bra. Now, this would be an adventurous choice! Just so you know….

Lingerie need to be hot AND practical.
It’s no point buying her stuff that she is never going to wear. Make sure the lingerie is made out of comfortable fabric with a bit of lace for that feminine feel. And don’t be cheap!! Cheap = trashy, so dust off your wallet and spend some money!

Avoid flashy or trashy.
Keep it simple, and classic and you won’t go wrong. Trust me, if you buy tarty lingerie, it’ll end up being thrown back in your face. In terms of colour, pastels and creams are a safe bet. Then purples and blacks are a bit more risque. You can get away with red, but only if the lingerie is expensive! Cheap red lingerie looks trashy.

Spend Some Money
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Spend some money! Quality lasts, so if you’re generous, you’ll be seeing this racy underwear for many years to come.

Keep it personal
Be thoughtful. Remember this is a gift for the love of your life

Fancy Wrapping
If lingerie is wrapped beautifully and is in a gorgeous box from well known designer, you can’t go wrong. Leave it by the bed for when she wakes up with a big bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers and a pretty card.

Tell her she looks amazing!
When she tries on her Valentine’s Day gift, tell her she looks amazing!

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