Gisele Models Her New Range of Lingerie

June 20th, 2013
Gisele Bündchen recently launched her range of luxury lingerie- and who modelled it? Well, there was no need to contract it out.
We can’t think of a more striking way for Gisele to show off her new undies than by modelling it herself.

Gisele Looking Fab

The supermodel launched the latest pieces in her Gisele Bündchen Intimates range  at a Sao Paulo shopping centre in Brazil on June 16, showing off printed silk joggers and a sheer vest, over a signature bra- all form her collection.
Gisele models her entire range herself on her Giselle Intimates site, showing the luxury bra and knickers sets, body suits and separates.
Nino Muñoz took the shots of the 2 time mum in April – just 4 months after the birth of her daughter Vivian Lake.

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